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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find any useful information here as well as the Salon Policies page before inquiring. Thank you! 

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, I accept both card and cash. (There may be complications with some overseas debit cards).​​​ 


Can I book for two people? (or more?)

No, sorry; I keep a separate clientele file for each client, and I ask that each client come alone individually at their own scheduled time. Group bookings are unfortunately also unavailable as there are no other nail artists. Thank you for your understanding.


I don't see any availability for today on your booking website. Do you have any openings for today?

Typically, what is shown on my booking website is the most updated version of my availability. Any same-day openings due to cancellations will always be announced on my Instagram story. Please always double check with me via message before coming to the salon. Thank you!


How much will it cost? How long will it take?

Exact prices and time estimates are listed on the booking page. Prices will differ based on the design level and extension fills are the same price as a full set. 


What kind of extensions do you offer?

I offer acrylic extensions (with tips, or sculpted) and gel extensions (with tips, or sculpted). I do not offer Dip Powder or PolyGel.


Do you do acrylic extension fills? 

Yes, I provide fills for extensions if they look suitable for a fill, and the price is the same as a full set. Please always book the (Fill-Removal Add-On) + (Extensions package of your choice) when scheduling for an extension fill. Thank you!


Can I change my appointment time?

You can change your appointment time until one day before your scheduled appointment time. Please note that different times may not be available on the same/next day if changes are made last minute. Please see the Salon Policies page for more details on cancellations. 


Do I have to have a design decided before my appointment?

No, we can decide the design together during the appointment as long as we can complete it within the timeframe you scheduled for. 


Are there designs you don't offer?

Since I specialize in hand drawn art, I unfortunately do not offer airbrush and sticker designs. I also do not work with a wide range of 3D nail charms (Sanrio, hearts, stars, etc). Anime/character nails are limited to 2 thumb nails max. Thank you for your understanding.


Can I add extensions on the appointment day if I scheduled for a gel manicure?

Only if there is time available, we can add extensions. If you are coming to the appointment with natural nails, a gel mani is NOT the same as gel extensions; unless you are wanting gel polish on your natural nails, please always book the extensions package. Thank you!

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