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About the Salon

Nail Salon Tonic is an English-fluent private nail studio founded by nail artist Emily K M, currently located in Ebisu, Tokyo. The salon specializes in custom hand-drawn nail art and extensions, along with spa-like features. 

After working in the beauty and nail industries in New York, Vancouver, and Tokyo, Emily opened her private studio in Tokyo to broaden the accessibility of Japanese nail art to residents and visitors of various backgrounds. Nail Salon Tonic is an inclusive studio where clients can discuss their needs freely without a language-barrier and build trust with their nail artist through in-depth consultations.

Emily is an eight-times certified and licensed nail artist certified by the Japanese Nail Association, New York State Nail Specialty Department, and a Canadian Cosmetology Diploma.

Her portfolio also includes works for KOKOIST, New York Fashion Week, and designers such as Laquan Smith.

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